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Ramos Statuary, New England Stone, Georgia Stone, Granites of America

Lived by Tony Ramos, Written by Toni Ramos

Chapter I

The story begins in Portugal, where Tony Ramos left school at the age of 11. At work in a marble shop, Mr. Ramos became fascinated with the marble sculptors and how they could turn a block of stone into art. At the age of 17 Mr. Ramos moved with his family to the United States of America, where, not knowing a word of English, he found a job carving stone for Castelluci & Sons. 

After 5 years, Mr. Ramos had saved enough to fulfill his dream of owning his own business. In 1965 Mr. Ramos constructed a 1,000 square foot building on Branch Pike in Smithfield, Rhode Island. Ramos Statuary hand carved statues, monuments, and intricate detailed work for large buildings. Those 1,000 square feet have grown substantially as Mr. Ramos has kept his office in the same location to this day.


Chapter II

One job Mr. Ramos was working on required Deer Isle® granite. The stone was nearly impossible to get as the quarry had been shut down for some time after bankruptcy. After a visit to Deer Isle, Mr. Ramos was able to finish his job. However, Mr. Ramos could not stand the haunting vision of that abandoned quarry. This exact quarry produced some of the greatest architectural structures of our nation; from the base of the Empire State Building to Radio City, Rockefeller Center/Plaza, the George Washington Bridge, and the Kennedy Memorials in Arlington, the list goes on. It was a sin to let the quarry float forgotten and abandoned on the shore of Maine. He purchased the quarry in approximately 1979. The transition from carving to quarries had begun as New England Stone was born. 

As his jobs grew to larger projects, Mr. Ramos would visit quarries around the country in his purchase of blocks. Mr. Ramos purchased Georgia Granite when it came up for sale in 1986. Along with this acquisition came the Sequoya, Missouri Red, Jet Mist®, and Kershaw® quarries; Georgia Stone Industries was born. Using Kershaw®, Missouri Red, and Sequoya/Dakota Mahogany Mr. Ramos fabricated the second half of Southwest Bell in St. Louis, Missouri. This project alone amassed approximately 485,000 square feet. He completed the work at his newly acquired fabrication plant in Georgia.


Chapter III

The growth, acquisitions, and preservation of quarries continued with Mr. Ramos’ purchase of Fletcher Granite in 2010. This historic company pioneered the granite industry in its bridge, curbing, and building work, including the Thurgood Marshall Federal Judiciary Building in Washington, DC (Chelmsford) and the National Archives Building in Washington, DC (Milford Pink). Mr. Ramos could not stand by and let Fletcher’s quarries be buried, lost, and forgotten. These quarries include Tapestry, Kitledge, Milford Pink, Addison Black and Madison Pink.

To this day Mr. Ramos continues to quarry. His pure passion for art and architecture stands firm at the center of all he does. 

His wife Ann Marie presides as his Chief Financial Officer and oversees block sales. Their daughter Toni serves as her father’s personal assistant and right-hand man. 

 Chapter IV

In production.  

Tony and Ann Marie at the National WWII Memorial Dedication
Toni constantly spotted her father's stones while at school in Washington, DC